Become Training Centre

Centre Accreditation is a quality assurance process, under which required parameters of TCs are evaluated. It is of key importance to ensure that the trainees are provided quality training, thereby creating the requirement to have a well-defined validation process of the TCs, creating the need of Centre Accreditation. Accreditation focuses on learning and self-development, and encourages the TC to pursue continual excellence.

The process involves a combined mechanism of self-evaluation by the TCs and an external evaluation by a Third Party Inspection Agency, hereafter referred to as ‘Inspection Agency’, to determine if the prescribed qualitative standards are met by the TC.

Objective and Benefits

The Centre Accreditation process helps in effective management and delivery of the competency based training aimed at overall development of the trainees. Accreditation ensures that the TC has met prescribed qualitative standards, which have been pre-set by the respective Sector Skill Councils (SSCs). With this aim, it is imperative that the trainees have confidence in the quality of the training provided by the TCs. Some of the objectives of Centre Accreditation include:
  • To assess the TCs and their programmes/courses/job roles that meet the a. prescribed quality standards, hereafter referred to as Accreditation Standards.
  • It is observed that the TCs very often differ in their methods of imparting skills training, Infrastructure facilities, and curriculum alignment, among other things. Centre Accreditation Process helps in establishing a framework to benchmark a TC with other Training Centres.
  • An Accredited Centre provides assurance to a number of vital stakeholders, such as the trainees, the employers, and the public in general, that the TC has met the established standards necessary to impart training for the specific job roles. The responsibility for assuring the quality of a TC rests with the TC itself.
  • Centre Accreditation also results in awarding an Accreditation Grade to the e. TC, details of which follow in the guidelines.
  • An Accredited TC becomes eligible for affiliation by the SSC with respect to specific job roles.
  • The Centre Accreditation process is envisaged to be carried out by the Inspection Agency/Agencies empaneled by NSDC. The agency may establish any additional operating procedures it deems appropriate, subject to approval of NSDC.
  • The TCs are advised to access the website of NSDC ( regularly for the up-todate versions of the Centre Accreditation Process and related documents.
  • The TCs have to undergo a process of Centre Accreditation and Centre Affiliation in order to participate in a Government funded Skill Development Scheme.