about us

Welcome To PECB - EWS

We are a diverse interdisciplinary team from across the GLOBE, we’ve worked with fortune 500 organisations worldwide, we set out to garner the wealth of expertise and share the knowledge for the generations to come by supporting the people in need by bridge the gap between Academics Education & Job Industry.

PECB - EWS has been granted special consultative status by the United Nations (UN), enabling PECB - EWS to actively engage with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and its subsidiary bodies, as well as the UN Secretariat, programs, funds and agencies. PECB - EWS is an approved training partner by National skill development corporation (Govt. Of India) under the scheme PMKVY to run skill programs, the organization that stands with the aim to bridge the missing link between Academics Education & Job Industry, PECB - EWS reaches out to training institutions and individuals worldwide with professional membership, career guidance, training & skill development programs.

20+ years of strong exposure by board members into International and domestic market we strongly believe that due to exponential growth and research activities across all faculties the world is moving with fast pace, on the other hand skill development growth is not catching the pace which vital for the opportunity development and creation of huge job market for youth and unemployed sector to get straight into Job market and be competent enough with the required skills set of professional certifications to compete in the market place. In today’s world it not enough to survive with Academic Qualification only hence we have developed the entire professional career development program based on Advance and state of Art new technologies to bring the education closer to masses and help eradicate unemployment in this cause we are closely working with Government bodies and United Nations (ECOSOC).