Training Council

PECB - EWS offers a wide range of vocational and professional qualifications as well as the most comprehensive range of apprenticeships, from Health Care to Business, Construction to Conservation and Digital Technology to Tourism. Use the filters below to view our PECB - EWS qualifications, internationally valid qualifications and apprenticeships.

Our technical qualifications are also available as part of our EPP offer. EPP is a new gold standard curriculum designed which offers certification based on industry experience, the technical and professional skills needed to progress onto an apprenticeship, into university or into the modern jobs market.

Our wide variety of qualifications span across four levels (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and PG Diploma )and more than 25 industries meaning there’s something for everyone, from those starting out in their careers to senior managers and master craftsmen and women.

PECB - EWS qualifications are designed to be undertaken both in the workplace or in the classroom or as a combination of the two. Here's a brief introduction to the wide range of qualifications we offer.

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs)

These are by far our most popular awards. Learners like them because they can do them without having to give up work. Employers like them because they demonstrate an individual's true skill.

International Vocational Qualifications (IVQs)

Our range of International Vocational Qualifications (IVQs) are designed to measure the knowledge and practical skills of learners and are designed specifically for the international marketplace. There are two types - and they are available at four levels, which are Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and PG Diploma. They’re recognized by employers all over the world, so you can take them with you when you travel.