Why Join PECB - EWS ?

PECB - EWS is an international, non-profit membership association for vocational qualifications. We’re committed to helping our members learn, grow and thrive. More than 10,000+ certified members strong, we empower the professionals who touch every aspect of industries.

What makes PECB - EWS the best?

PECB - EWS is the only multi-disciplinary non profitable professional certification board in consultative status with ECOSOC UNO who offers membership to students and professionals.

We significantly influence the direction of youth in bridging the missing link between academic and professional career by offering highest standard globally acceptable certifications. We're the guardian of professional competence and the 'voice' of common sense in industry.

We want to encourage a new generation and industry professionals to come forward, who are as passionate about supporting the cause of empowering the people in finding the livelihood without compromising time after completing the academic qualification., so apply to join us now.

With PEC certification, you join a globally recognized family of industry professionals. You’ll have access to broad array of exclusive resources, educational tools and peer-to-peer networking opportunities, conference and event discounts, and much more to you help strengthen your career while helping us accomplish our mission of sustainable development.

Unmatched Member Benefits

As an PEC member, you never stop learning and growing. We provide access a full suite of benefits and resources to help enable your continuing education and development to keep you ahead of the latest updates, best practices and industry trends. Benefits include:

  • Free subscription to our portal
  • 50% off official books and online material
  • High discounts on global conferences across the countries
  • The ability to join or start a local Chapter
  • Volunteering opportunities in your area of living
  • Professional recognition through Certifications and Awards
  • Expert-led webinar on the latest industry trends
  • FDP – Faculty Development programs to promote your expertise on through profession delivery network
You must be a PEC member to access Member Benefits.